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Miilgm Gisigwlgwelk di waayu

Gitxaatła ‘nu La̱x Klan di wil ‘waatgu
Victoria di wil dzog̱’u
La̱xskiik di pdeeg̱u

My name is Annabelle Hill, my Sm’algya̱x name is Miilgm Gisigwlgwelk, Dancing Northern Lights.
I am from the Gitxaała Nation through my mother’s side and come from the eagle clan. I also have patrilineal ties to the Nisga’a and have a mixture of European ancestry from both lines. I grew up in Prince Rupert and currently reside on the Lekwungen territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations in Victoria with my wife, Aria. I am a multi-disciplinary artist who primarily works in paint (acrylic, watercolour, and mural painting) as well as digital illustration and design. I have also dabbled in cedar weaving, jewellery making, tattoo design, and textiles. In 2015 I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Victoria. At the core of my artistic practice is the expression and lifelong exploration of my identity as Gitxaała. My work leans heavily toward contemporary styles, often utilizing traditional form line in non-traditional ways through colour, texture, and pattern. I enjoy finding new applications for our sacred geometry and find much of my inspiration from the beauty of our people, culture, and territories. I am very happy to have my design represent the Gitxaała Nation as the logo for the Gitxaała Enterprise Corporation.

T’oya̱xs nüüsm, luk’wil lu’aam g̱oodu!

You can follow Annabelle Hill at @annabellica.art on Instagram to see more of her art.


“The logo for the Gitxaała Enterprises Corporation is of a jar of salmon to represent the wealth of our community. Much of our rights and responsibilities as the people of Gitxaała Nation includes the ocean, and much of our wealth stems from the salmon and other foods that the ocean provides, so it felt fitting to showcase the cultural sharing and distribution of wealth that is practiced in our community through the salmon. As the Gitxaała Enterprises Corporation seeks to realize economic benefits for the community, the jar of salmon is a symbol showcasing our nations values and future prosperity.”
– Miilgm Gisigwlgwelk Annabelle Hill, Gitxaała Artist

“We are honored to have Annabelle’s art as our logo. The distillation of her thought and passion in art captures, not only the essence a Gitxaała story, but also the mission Gitxaala Enterprises of creating generational prosperity for Gitxaała citizens.”
– Michael Uehara, Gitxaała Enterprises CEO